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Moevies Guidelines

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1Moevies Guidelines Empty Moevies Guidelines on Mon Apr 21, 2014 2:15 pm

Moevies is a place for you to discuss and share videos and movies, with ease and fun! We strive to become one of the best movie forums out there. We want our forum to be the most easy going and least strictest forum out there, but that doesn't mean we won't have any rules.

Post Quality We expect you guys to have more than 1 word sentence replies, if you want to compliment something, then please put it in a complete sentence, if you find someone not posting in a complete sentence in the appropriate times,feel free to report to a Moderator or Admin.

Spam  We don't allow spam, such as posting in another section where it is off topic, example is.. posting that you are single on the "Movie" Section.

Respect/Language/Swearing We all need to respect everybody in this forum, We don't allow racism,sexism,etc. We want you to respect everyone even if they are mean (If they are, than please PM Admins with proof). Our Primary Language in this forum is English and always will stay English. We also don't want any swearing around, we will give warnings around, if you keep continuing to use swear words and inappropriate words, we will have to give consequences.

Private Messages If you feel like that someone is harassing you via PM then please contact a admin as soon as possible or even a Moderator. If you get a PM sent saying you to visit there site or anything that is spam like, please send the moderators or admins a PM as soon as possible.

Links We only allow links in specific sections on our forum, you are allowed to post links in the Movies and Videos forums. We do not allow links in other parts, unless you are linking to this forum. If you are insecure about where and when you are allowed to post links, contact the staff.

If you have any questions about these rules then feel free to PM Kraister or Klompisify.

Thanks for reading! Take a cookie for that!

Moevies Guidelines 9k=

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